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"Preparing Students for their future"

    Mickey Wulf - x2711  
    Schelli McCauley - x2702  
    Regina Cook - x2703 

    Moffett Primary (EE-Kdg)
    - Tracy Bryant - x2623  
    Moffett Primary (1st/2nd grades)
    - Marilyn Ballard - x2706  

    Center Elementary (3rd grade)
    - Marilyn Ballard - x2706  
    Center Elementary (4th/5th grades)
    - Brenda Johnson - x2520  

    Center Middle (6th grade)
    - Tracy Bryant - x2623 
    Center Middle (7th/8th grades)
    - Kylie Cryer - x2309  

    Center High (9th/10th grades)
    - Cristy Dutton - x2226  
    Center High (10th/11th grades)
    - Brett Wheeler - x2223  

    Teresa Britt - x2232  
    Terri Eastepp - x2303  

    Chantay Lee - x2616  
    Ona Hudspeth - x2616  

    Shelli Reyes - x2704  

    Robert Merriman - x2308  
    Hiram Harrison  
    Donny Johnson  

  • Special Education or IEP-Related Questions?

    Consult SPEDTex, the Texas Special Education Information Center. This is a resource backed by TEA to inform and support parents, teachers, and anyone committed to the success of children with disabilities.

    Phone: 1-855-SPEDTEXocpmicon  (1-855-773-3839iconicon


    Department of Special Populations, Division of Special Education

    Monday-Friday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

    Phone:(512) 463-9414
    Fax: (512) 463-9560iconicon


Director of Special Services
P.O. DRAWER 1689
CENTER, TX 75935
Phone: (936) 598-1600 • Fax: (936) 598-1624

What is Child Find?

Center ISD is ready, willing and able to identify and serve all children with disabilities residing within its jurisdiction who are in need of special education and related services.  The district’s child find duties also extend to students with disabilities who are placed in private schools or home schools by their parents.

Child Find is a component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act that requires school districts and charter schools to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities residing in the State, who are in need of Early Childhood Intervention Programs or Special Education and Related Services.

Who can begin the Child Find process?
Anyone can begin the process: a parent/guardian, doctor, teacher, relative or friend.

What services may be available through special education?
Each child’s individual needs will be addressed on an individualized basis by a team consisting of: parent(s) or guardian, campus principal, a person who can interpret evaluation data, teacher(s), and the student (if appropriate). The team will review evaluation information, discuss eligibility, identify areas of need for specialized instruction, including related services (such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, or counseling) and develop a plan to fit the needs of the child.

The term “child with a disability” means the child must meet eligibility criteria for at least one of the 13 disabilities specifically outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and, as a result of the disability, has a need for specially designed instruction that can only be provided through special education. 

How much do services cost?
All services are provided at no cost to the individual or parents.

Who do I contact?
If you are concerned about a child’s learning, contact your child's school principal or CISD Department of Special Education at (936) 598-1600.

Children with Disabilities
In Texas, school district Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) provide special education and related services for eligible children with disabilities ages 3-5. PPCD refers to the services provided by the school district, not to the place where they are provided.  Eligible children may receive PPCD services in a variety of settings such as pre-kindergarten, resource, and self-contained classrooms or in community settings such as Head Start and pre-school. Learn more HERE

DADS - Texas Health and Human Services

DADS offers home and community services for children with disabilities. Services may include medical care through Medicaid, attendant care in your home or modifying your home to make it easier for your child to live in. These services may be different than what is available through your local school district or other state agencies.  

Early Childhood Intervention

In Texas, children between the ages of birth and 36 months can receive services from Early Childhood Intervention ("ECI") if their children need additional support to meet developmental milestones in areas such as language, motor development, adaptive behaviors such as feeding, or learning and play skills.


Assisting Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services

TEA is required to provide school districts and charter schools a written statement of the options and requirements for providing assistance to students who have learning difficulties or who need, or may need special education services (Texas Education Code §26.0081).

(opens external link in new window)

The statement must explain that a parent may request an evaluation for special education or Section 504 services at any time. Parents must receive the statement in a written format every year. A school may include the statement in the student handbook, or a school may disseminate the statement through other means such as a letter or newsletter to each parent and ensure that each parent receives a copy.

This statement is available in HTML (English(opens external link in new window) | Spanish(opens external link in new window)) or as a Word document (English(opens external link in new window) | Spanish(opens external link in new window)). 

Additional Information

Accommodation Resources

Student Assessment Home | Student Assessment Directory | Contact Student Assessment  

TEA accessibility policies may apply to any student taking STAAR or TELPAS depending on his or her needs and whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria, if applicable. These policies are divided into 3 main categories. Within each category are links to policy documents that provide more specific information.

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